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Not sure about the Quality?

The prints are all Giclée produced [1] using among the finest quality Satin-Matt Photographic 280 - 286 g/m2 paper, and are personally signed by myself

Each is produced using a combination of high quality materials that should last 80 years or more without any discolouration on the paper or print colour fade. [2]

Please make sure prints are kept away from water, liquids, excessive moisture or damp conditions. Best results are obtained by framing the prints behind glass.
It is also recommended to keep the prints protected in the supplied clear polythene and tubing until they are ready to be framed.

1. Giclée (pronounced like: "zshee-clay") prints are made using the more modern digital printing technology. They are of higher quality and last far longer than traditional standard lithography prints.

2. This figure is achieved based on accelerated light fastness tests conducted by independent testing facilities. They assume that if a print is exposed to a certain amount of light daily while on display in certain conditions, and they expose a test print to 100 times more light, this is in fact the equivalent of 100 days on display. Since this technology is still relatively young in that it hasn't been around for more than 5 or 6 years, obviously no one really knows for sure if these sorts of numbers are correct. However this is the only method currently available for evaluating the longevity of inks and since all these tests are carried out the same way, the results are at least a good indication of the relative longevity of different inks and processes. Either way, we believe that this testing is accurate enough for us to be comfortable with.